A Native Perspective on Memorial Day

There are four US holidays that, as a native, I find difficult to fully celebrate. The first is Columbus Day. For obvious reasons. The second is Thanksgiving. Do we really need a holiday celebrating a mythical multi-ethnic potluck? The third is the Fourth of July. Because the Declaration of Independence refers to natives as "merciless... Continue Reading →

A Native Perspective: 100 Days

Last Friday, in a speech to the National Rifle Association, President Trump spoke about his victory in the Electoral College. He noted that he was the only candidate to give a speech to the NRA during the campaign. And, he warned his audience that in the 2020 election many Democratic candidates would be clamoring to... Continue Reading →


While some strive to keep America great, and others strive to make America great (again), I propose the better, and more pressing work, is to ensure We the People actually means All the People (for the first time). ~Mark Charles

I am currently writing a book about the Doctrine of Discovery along with Dr. Soong-Chan Rah. There is a crowdfunding campaign to support the writing process with reward levels that includes SIGNED COPIES of the book once it is released! Click here for more information.

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Colorado Acknowledgement of Sand Creek Massacre

150-year Commemoration Of The Sand Creek Massacre SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION 14-030 BY SENATOR(S) Roberts and Kefalas, Aguilar, Crowder, Balmer, Baumgardner, Brophy, Cadman, Grantham, Guzman, Harvey, Heath, Herpin, Hill, Hodge, Jahn, Johnston, Jones, Kerr, King, Lambert, Lundberg, Marble, Newell, Nicholson, Renfroe, Rivera, Scheffel, Schwartz, Steadman, Tochtrop, Todd, Ulibarri, Zenzinger, Carroll; also REPRESENTATIVE(S) Dore, Becker, Buck, Buckner,... Continue Reading →

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