Mark Charles is a national-speaker and writer regarding modern-day history. He leads his audiences to find the roots of social justice issues embedded deep in history.

Mark is the author of the popular blog Reflections from the Hogan and serves as the Washington DC correspondent and regular columnist for Native News Online. Mark is a founding partner of the national conference for Native students Would Jesus Eat Frybread?, consults with the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, and has served as a former pastor of the Christian Indian Center in Denver, CO. Mark’s first book, Truth Be Told (IVP), is due out in 2019.

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What is Wirelesshogan?

A hogan is the traditional Navajo home.  While it symbolizes the historical and cultural dwellings of my people, it also reflects the daily life for many Navajos today. The Navajo Nation is the largest US reservation and is home to about 180,000 Navajos, yet it is one of the least developed areas of the United States.  Lack of running water, electricity, and many common amenities is typical for many Navajo homes today.


My family and I lived in the hogan pictured herein a remote area of the reservation for 3 years in order to gain an understanding of the traditional Navajo life. Since I supported my family through computer consulting, I managed to do so through my laptop, using my cell phone for internet connection, all on battery power. Hence, the name Wirelesshogan. ~ Mark Charles



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