Saint Augustine Goes Off the Rails

For those who have been following my work on the Doctrine of Discovery, you know that I have been offering a critique of Saint Augustine’s Just War Theory for some time now. But I had yet to find the smoking gun. The quote detailing his line of thinking where, when Augustine voiced it, Jesus would have responded much like he responded to Peter, with the rebuke “Get behind me, Satan! For you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of man.” I spent almost a year looking for that quote in Augustine’s writings on the 2 kingdoms and Just war. But the quote is not there. Instead it is found in his teachings on heresy in the book, “On the Correction of the Donatists”.

I invite you to read this short essay on Saint Augustine and how his collusion with Christian Empire in the 4th century helped pave the way for even more heretical teaching in the 13th century (by Thomas Aquinas) and eventually leading to the writing of the Doctrine of Discovery by Pope Nicholas V (and others) in the 15th century.


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