The Unfortunate and Extremely High Cost of Bi-Partisanship in American Politics

This past week Senator John McCain returned to DC, after receiving cancer treatment in AZ, to give an impassioned appeal for bi-partisan cooperation in the US Senate. His speech was a direct rebuke of the extreme partisanship demonstrated by both Democrats and Republicans regarding health care and many other important legislative issues. The speech was going well until the end, when he used the mythology of American exceptionalism as motivation for bi-partisanship. Among other things, he said,

“We aren’t afraid. We don’t covet other people’s land and wealth. We don’t hide behind walls. We breach them. We are a blessing to humanity.”

But his words are not true. US expansion and Manifest Destiny are the direct results of America coveting, taking and ethnically cleansing the lands of the Indigenous tribes of Turtle Island. And because American Exceptionalism is the single most unifying theme in our country, that means there is an unfortunate and extremely high cost to bi-partisan cooperation in American politics.

I invite you to read my latest article addressing this issue. It is titled “The Unfortunate and Extremely High Cost of Bi-Partisanship in American Politics

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