While some strive to keep America great, and others strive to make America great (again), I propose the better, and more pressing work, is to ensure We the People actually means All the People (for the first time). ~Mark Charles

Colorado Acknowledgement of Sand Creek Massacre

150-year Commemoration Of The Sand Creek Massacre SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION 14-030 BY SENATOR(S) Roberts and Kefalas, Aguilar, Crowder, Balmer, Baumgardner, Brophy, Cadman, Grantham, Guzman, Harvey, Heath, Herpin, Hill, Hodge, Jahn, Johnston, Jones, Kerr, King, Lambert, Lundberg, Marble, Newell, Nicholson, Renfroe, Rivera, Scheffel, Schwartz, Steadman, Tochtrop, Todd, Ulibarri, Zenzinger, Carroll; also REPRESENTATIVE(S) Dore, Becker, Buck, Buckner,... Continue Reading →

Video: Renovation Church

In February 2014, Mark Charles spoke at Renovation Church in Buffalo, NY. Video: "Embracing the Discomfort of our Diversity" This presentation also includes my definition of the Navajo Time Perception (at the 22 minute and 45 second mark).

Video: Calvin College Chapel

In Sept. 2013, Mark Charles spoke at Calvin College Chapel. Video: "Power and Authority" This is a presentation regarding the difference between worldly power and spiritual authority as it is seen in the Gospel of Mark chapter 6.

Apology Event: In the News

CNN Navajo man wants the nation to hear its official apology by Moni Basu, CNN December 19, 2012 Indian Country Today Does a Silent Apology Really Say ‘We’re Sorry’? By Lise Balk King December 3, 2011 Indianz.com Mark Charles: Starting the conversation for US reconciliation MONDAY, MAY 7, 2012 Mark Charles: US 'apology' to Indian people goes... Continue Reading →

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