A Call for President Trump to Resign – 2 Part Series

Hello my relatives. If you are following my posts on social media this week you probably noticed that I have been paying close attention to the deepening crisis with North Korea, and especially the inflammatory rhetoric coming from President Trump. So much so, that on Wednesday August 9, I posted “After months of lament, I have concluded that the most sincere prayer I can, and do, pray for President Trump is that he will have the courage to resign. I honestly do not believe holding the office of President of the United States is healthy for him, his family, the nation, or the world.”
That post was not off the cuff, but the result of months of pondering, observations and prayer. Since then I have received many comments from people asking me to elaborate and clarify my remarks.
I would like to share with you two articles I wrote. They both explain in greater detail why I am convinced that Donald Trump should resign the office of President of the United States. I invite you to thoughtfully read both articles. You are welcome to disagree with me, I just ask that you keep your comments, both to myself and one another, respectful. Ahe’hee’.
Walk in Beauty my Relatives.
Mark Charles

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