Announcing the creation of my Patreon page

Yá’át’ééh my relatives. I am thrilled to announce the start of my Patreon page.

For the past seven years I have traveled the country speaking and writing about the need in the USA for a national dialogue on race, gender and class, a conversation on par with the Truth and Reconciliations commissions that took place in South Africa, Rwanda and Canada. However, because reconciliation implies there was a previous harmony, I would call ours Truth and Conciliation. And I am convinced we need one sooner rather than later.

Continuing to educate and press the need for this conversation is why I created this Patreon site. I do not work for any organization nor am I currently running for any political office, but I know this conversation is imperative and the work to create it must continue to move forward. So I invite you to join me. By subscribing to my Patreon not only will you be partnering with me in the important work, but you will also get a first hand, and at times behind the scenes, look at videos, speeches, writings, interviews and other media that I produce for my social media as I work to educate our nation, decolonize our institutions and initiate this national conversation.

I invite you to visit my page on Patreon and if you are familiar with my work and would like to help me move it forward please consider subscribing.

Ahe’hee’ (thank you) my relatives. Walk in Beauty and may we learn how to walk in beauty together.

Mark Charles

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