2022 Book Tour details or to purchase a signed copy of Unsettling Truths:

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2022 Unsettling Truths Book Tour
On July 19 I am departing on a cross-country road trip that will take me across the country. As of July 14 I have 9 confirmed Book Tour events and 7 additional events that are still in the planning stages. At the bottom of this page you will find a list of all upcoming Book Tour Events. Because this book tour is self-funded, GoFundMe Page: Help me fund my Unsettling Truths Book Tour 2022 is where I am raising funds to cover the expenses of this tour. GoFundMe is also the best place to get updates, notifications and current information about my 2022 Unsettling Truths Book Tour.

Unsettling Truths: The Ongoing, Dehumanizing Legacy of the Doctrine of Discovery
by Mark Charles and Soong-Chan Rah (IVP, 2019)

Recent Donations from book sales:
In response to the mass shooting in Uvalde Texas, I committed to donate 5 dollars for every signed copy of Unsettling Truths sold on my website between June 10 and June 30 to help the families and community in Uvalde. I am thrilled to announce that I sold 28 books during this period and on July 7, 2022 I was able to donate $140 to the Texas Elementary School Shooting Victims Fund thru the verified GoFundMe Uvalde donation page. Thank you to everyone who purchased a book.

Between May 14-31, in response to the white nationalist terrorist attack in Buffalo, I committed to donate $5 to the families of the victims for ever copy of Unsettling Truths that was sold on my website. 24 copies of Unsettling Truths were sold during that period for a donation amount of $120.

Weekly Book Study with Mark Charles:
In 2021 Mark live streamed a 14 part book study going through Unsettling Truths. These videos can be viewed on Mark’s Facebook page and YouTube Channel. They are also archived on his IGTV.
Archive of Studies (YouTube):
Chapter: Introduction, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Conclusion

2022 Monthly Book Study with Mark Charles and Soong-Chan Rah:
Mark and Soong-Chan are currently hosting a monthly book study of Unsettling Truths on Patreon. To access this study, both monthly live streams as well as past studies, follow this link to Mark’s Patreon site and subscribe to the fourth tier titled “Unsettling Truths”.

Highlighted Podcasts:

Why celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day?

Because you cannot discover lands already inhabited.

Injustice has plagued American society for centuries. And we cannot move toward being a more just nation without understanding the root causes that have shaped our culture and institutions. In this prophetic blend of history, theology, and cultural commentary, Mark Charles and Soong-Chan Rah reveal the far-reaching, damaging effects of the “Doctrine of Discovery.” In the fifteenth century, official church edicts gave Christian explorers the right to claim territories they “discovered.” This was institutionalized as an implicit national framework that justifies American triumphalism, white supremacy, and ongoing injustices. The result is that the dominant culture idealizes a history of discovery, opportunity, expansion, and equality, while minority communities have been traumatized by colonization, slavery, segregation, and dehumanization. Healing begins when deeply entrenched beliefs are unsettled. Charles and Rah aim to recover a common memory and shared understanding of where we have been and where we are going. As other nations have instituted truth and reconciliation commissions, so do the authors call our nation and churches to a truth-telling that will expose past injustices and open the door to conciliation and true community.

The United States does not teach a history of America, it teaches a mythology. Whether it’s the myth that Christopher Columbus discovered America, Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery or Donald Trump was the only Presidential candidate in 2016 (and 2020) promising to “Make America Great Again”, there are many Unsettling Truths we must look at as a nation if we want to create a common memory.

List of 2022 Unsettling Truths Book Tour Events:

Unsettling Truths was released in November 2019 but because I was in the middle of my 2020 Independent Campaign for President, and because of the Global COVID Pandemic that began just a few months later, we were not able to have a proper book tour and national promotion. So I have decided to implement my own book tour through the spring, summer and fall of 2022. On July 19 I am departing on a cross country road trip to talk about Unsettling Truths and work to build a Common Memory.

Because this book tour is self-funded, I started a GoFundMe Page: Help me fund my Unsettling Truths Book Tour 2022. This is where I am raising funds to cover the expenses of this tour and it is also the best place to get updates, notifications and current information about my 2022 Unsettling Truths Book Tour. Below is a list of all confirmed events through the end of July. August events will be posted soon.

Tuesday, July 19 @ 7 PM ET
Renovation Church
567 Hertel Ave.
Buffalo, NY

Wednesday, July 20 @ 7 PM ET
Central Detroit Christian CDC
1550 Taylor Street
Detroit, MI

Friday, July 22 @ 3 PM ET
Calvin University
Alumni Board Room
Grand Rapids, MI

Saturday, July 23 @ 9:30 AM ET
(Coffee & Refreshments will be provided)
Oakdale Park Church
961 Temple St SE
Grand Rapids, MI

Sunday, July 24 @ 5 PM CT
Lawndale Christian Fitness Center
Skyline Conference Room
3750 W. Ogden Ave. (4th Floor)
Chicago, IL

Tuesday, July 26 @ 7 PM CT
Plymouth Congregational Church
1900 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis, MN

Thursday, July 28 @ 7:15 PM CT
Trinity Church Orange City
201 St Paul Ave SE
Orange City, IA

July 30 or 31
Christian Indian Center
Denver, CO
Location and Time TBA

Tuesday, August 9 @ 6 PM MT
Good Medicine Way
2210 Silver Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM

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